Raspberry Red Silk Roving Yarn

Raspberry Red Silk Roving Yarn

1 Pound

Spun silk roving is a lovely fiber which makes a lustrous yarn. With it, you can create soft fabrics with a soft sheen and and drape.


This is a yummy red yarn with touches of plum.  Sure to make your mouth water!


Use it for your next knitting or crocheting project. It is a bit slippery, and doesn't stretch like wool, so you may need to try different needles or hooks to find the one you like. I found wood or bamboo works best, and the next size up from what I would normally use compensated for the lack of stretch.


The weight is approximate to a DK. There is approximately 200 yards in each skein.


Hand dyed using non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and fixatives.


Hand wash finished piece with cold water and mild soap or shampoo. Lay flat to dry.


Price includes shipping.