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Maroon and Gold Silkcloque Scarf

Maroon and Gold Silkcloque Scarf


Silkcloque is a unique fabric that David developed while working on his Master's degree at Syracuse University. It is created by fusing a layer of very fine Merino wool between two layers of hand dyed silk gauze using a wet felting technique. The result is a soft, highly textured, organic looking fabric that appears to have been grown rather than manufactured. We think you'll agree that this exquisite fabric is suitable for everyday wear as well as the highest Faerie court.



This scarf is rich maroon and gold silk and Merino wool.


It measure 10 x 63"  


It is created using non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and methods.


We recommend hand washing with gentle soap or shampoo in cold water.  Squeeze water out by rolling it in an absobent towel, and hang to dry.


Price includes shipping.

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