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Crow Tentacles Burnout Velvet Skirt

Crow Tentacles Burnout Velvet Skirt


Burnout velvet is manufactured using a technique that incorporates silk and rayon fibers into one fabric, then burning out fibers to create a pattern.  We call the pattern in thes skirt "Tenticles" because it reminds of octupus tentacles.  Long live the Elder Gods!


The upper layer of burnout velvet is dyed with our exclusive crow colorway (dark enough for your soul, and bright enough for your spirit).  The underlayer is black smooth chiffon.


Waist fits up to 47" and is 36" at the lonngest point.


Silks are dyed using non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and methods.


We recommend hand washing in mild soap or shampoo in cold water. Hang to dry. May be ironed.


Price includes shipping.

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